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A Outsourcing company that uses a personal approach in dealing with every customer and handling projects in order to provide quality service delivery.
Here you will find three qualities of the ever evolving software firm


At Arevosoft, we believe in the power of the dedicated team model. The dedicated team model is an effective model for offshore and near shore projects. On request, we are ready to connect you with full-time software specialists who will work exclusively on your project.

Team members are chosen based on specific qualities-transparency, scalability, trust and reliability.

Our in-house HR personnel is ready to discuss and understand your project needs in order to find the best people for the job.

Software development.

As a software company, we are involved in every process of software development. This gives us the unique ability to tailor our products and services to your specific needs. We create end-to-end solutions from scratch to finish – design, build, test and maintain new software solutions.

Mobile Application

Our Mobile Applications team is one that is tested and trusted. With expertise and experience in handling a wide range of orders, we are able to meet application that put you and your clients at the fore. Our sound and innovative strategy allows us to meet your business requirements empower your customers in new ways.


We believe in the need for adaptation. We constantly review our methods of operation to meet changing business requirements. That is what allows us to provide innovative and creative solutions
We want to help your business grow, to be a part of your business success. Give us a chance to do this by taking advantage of our wide range of services.


Arevosoft is more than just a outsourcing company. We are dedicated to creating affordable, tailor-made solutions to meet clients needs. Our goal is to streamline day to day operations through the creation of faster and more cost-effective processes. We are in business to resolve all of your business needs.

At Arevosoft, we offer a wide range of quality services designed to meet your needs and budget. What`s more, we are always on time. We offer many client-based services including outsourcing, software development, improvements of UI designs, analyse cost/benefit of new software.

"Great companies are built with great employees"


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